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From £95.00

At Symba Residential, we aim to provide a professional Inventory service for the convenience of Landlords, Home Owners and Estate Agents.


We offer an unbiased and concise assessment of the property's condition. Making detailed observations, we outline the state of fundamental aspects such as internal walls, flooring, furniture, white goods, etc.

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It would be in your best interest to commission an Inventory report prior to your tenants moving in. This is basically a detailed list & description of the property’s condition and its contents.


Surplus to the initial Inventory report, we can meet with your tenant(s) after the move-in to conduct a Check-In.This will allow the Inventory Clerk to run through the report with the residents and collect their signature as a declaration of their agreement to the details outlined within the Inventory report.


At the end of the Tenancy Agreement, a Check-Out is recommended to accompany the Inventory and/or Check-In report.


A Check-Out can be coordinated in comparison with the initial report to indicate any changes or damages to the property, and its contents. This is used to determine the liability and extent in regards to compensation payable for any impairments.


Please fill in the contact form below to book this service,  or if you would like to find out more information about the services we offer